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A wide selection of shops, English, German, French and Dutch bars and restaurants, small and beautiful coves nearby. Ideal for children. Playa Paraiso is a classic among dive sites in southern Tenerife, well known, mainly because it is the perfect place to "baptize", the first diving experience with an oxygen tank. Courses can be taken easily in the area and the surrounding coast line is fitting for debutants. A rental car is recommended. (See cheap car rental in

One of the most unusual attributes is the "El Lago", an artificial lake with its 2.200M3 seawater in a comfortable and enjoyable setting which offers ample sun lounging areas, mini waterfall, centrally located water fountain and a very shallow end for kids and beginners which is also complimented by an adjacent and separate kids pool for the very young. Due to its one main entrance with payable entrance a security the place is ideal for those with small children who can be left to wander around the min park and other amenities under the watchful eye of parents from the ample seating areas.

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